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  • Reduce risk and accelerate time to mission by leveraging proven technologies
  • Gain valuable insight into customer missions and adapt technologies to meet their evolving needs
  • Partner with an experienced team of cybersecurity professionals to develop mature cyber solutions
  • Collaborate in a controlled environment to advance customer mission capability
  • Establish strategic relationships with industry partners to support current and future technologies
  • Leverage strength of General Dynamics to drive new cyber innovations

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Members of the GDNexus community are given the opportunity to work together with General Dynamics in an agile, collaboration environment to explore and evaluate developed products and emerging technologies.

Through the GDNexus online portal, members review and respond to Need Statements representing mission-critical needs for our customers. Based on these Need Statements, companies submit mission solutions based on your relevant capabilities and technologies.

GDNexus performs rigorous evaluation of all submissions and provides customers with an assessment of how these tools can best support their mission. We provide suppliers with feedback after every stage to help align their solutions to customer needs.
  • Submission: GDNexus users receive immediate notification when new Need Statements are available and may then respond with a relevant product or solution. Responses are accepted and screened on a rolling basis until the posted Need Statement Closing Date.
  • Screening: We perform an initial assessment and notify users if their submission met or failed to meet the requirements of the Need Statement. If the submission meets the requirements, we may request additional information before sending the submission through to the Evaluation stage.
  • Evaluation: After receiving a signed Evaluation Agreement, we conduct a rigorous evaluation of the submitted product or solution, including a maturity assessment, criteria evaluation and business case analysis.
  • Collaboration: Based on the evaluations, we invite companies with the most promising solutions to a collaboration facility to provide a demonstration of their solution and its capabilities to the GDNexus team. Our  experts will then perform an integration assessment and compare these solutions against possible alternatives.
  • Final Review: After the collaboration stage concludes, we compare and review the most compelling solutions with our team of subject matter experts and, when applicable, with the customer.
  • Implementation: Following this final review, we select the best-value solution to support the customers mission requirements.